8 Steps Preparing an Awesome Outdoor Wedding

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Livinginlife.com – There are many ways creating a memorable wedding party to be remembered throughout life. Everyone can create the concept of their own marriage, depending on the taste and needs. On average, people choose to perform an indoor wedding in the building with modern or traditional themes. If you want something else, maybe you could try a little different concept, that’s the outdoor wedding. This concept of marriage is not so popular because it is tend to be more risky and requires high creativity to design it. However, when this outdoor wedding can run according to plan, it will become warmer, more familiar, and more romantic compared to indoor wedding. Well, if you’re a person who likes challenges and are interested in creating a different romantic wedding party than usual, then the outdoor wedding party is very suitable with your personality. Below, there are some things you should consider in designing an outdoor wedding party.

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1. Time
One of the biggest challenges of an outdoor wedding is the weather. When the weather is less supportive, then your outdoor wedding concept will be interrupted. The first factor you need to consider while going to plan outdoor wedding is the weather. Warm weather in summer or autumn is the most suitable time for outdoor wedding if you live in the four seasons country. While in the tropics, the outdoor wedding is most fit in the dry season between April-September to avoid the unpredictable rain. Make sure you choose this “friendly” weather time before setting up your outdoor wedding dream.

2. Places
A lot of places that provide adequate outdoor spaces can be one of your option at the wedding. You can choose based on your budget or other considerations. If you are looking for a practicality, you can choose a hotel that provides an outdoor area like a garden, swimming pool, yard or rooftop.

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By selecting a hotel, you will get a professional service to launch your event at once. Other options are the spaces that does provide an outdoor area for the wedding event. For example, the museum field, the golf area, the lakeside, or the mountain valley. For these locations, usually the owners or related authorities only rent a place and you need to assemble a team or hire wedding organizers to serve your needs during the reception. However, the outdoor places that are rented are usually have their own characteristics and uniqueness that can be a value plus for you. Next, if you’d like to anticipate the weather, you can choose a place with 50 % indoor 50 % outdoor area composition. When there is an unwanted weather change, the event can be moved to the indoor area.

3. Decorations

Outdoor wedding decorations have different characteristics with indoor wedding. By selecting outdoor place you can minimize the decor because nature has presented a wonderful panorama for your wedding. During the outdoor wedding, what needs to be noticed is the concept of your decoration. Outdoor wedding will integrates the atmosphere with nature, so you can choose decoration that gives natural effect without excessive using artificial decorations. Rustic theme with nuance of natural color like green, white, and brown that is booming lately can be one pf your consideration. In addition, it also gives an elegant and sweet impression.

4. Wedding Attire
Outdoor wedding means you won’t be able to sit on the dais a whole day like in an indoor wedding. Outdoor wedding gives spaces for you to interact with the guests closely and intimately. Because of that, your wedding dress needs to support this mission. Wear a wedding dress that ease your mobility. For the groom, it might not be too much trouble using a suit. You just need to choose a slightly more casual suit to match the outdoor atmosphere. For the bride, avoid the dress that’s too wide or too long.

dress wedding for outdoor wedding
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Pick a dress along the ankles that will still make you look pretty without the too glamour.

5. Events
Events are essential elements that you need to prepare for. Attempt to your outdoor wedding the guests can engage familiar interactions. In addition you also need to strengthen the romantic side of your outdoor wedding. There are some ways you can do. Using live music can maximize to build a romantic atmosphere, of course with a romantic song selection anyway. For host, select a host with casual performance, non-rigid, and able to cheers the atmosphere. You can also slip a few games and invite all guests to participate, prepare small gifts to amuse them. There is no harm for you to join to fill an event so you can build the intimacy with the guests. You can recite a poem, do a duet, or simply tell the story of your love journey. If you’re having trouble creating an event, you can use the wedding organizers service which ready with some fresh ideas.

6. Souvenir

Souvenirs are the sweetener element of a wedding party. No need to fancy or expensive, a souvenir is better useful and effective. For outdoor weddings you can customize your souvenirs with more natural concepts in order to build the atmosphere back to nature. Some kinds of souvenirs can be one of your choice like flower seeds, classic potted plants, or household appliances from wood. If you have a lot of free time, you can explore a souvenir more impressive by tucking some beautiful words of poetry to every guest.

7. Food
Food of course becomes a thing to be considered in hosting a wedding party. The main principle of wedding catering of course is about the portion that should be adequate. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean the taste to be ignored. To make your outdoor wedding become more impressive, choose the types of food that has special characteristic or considered as a local food. This will increase an authentic effects in your outdoor wedding.
It doesn’t hurt if you invite a number of chefs to demonstrate meals at the venue of your wedding. It may be brings some attractions.

8. Photography
Photography is something you can’t ignore if you don’t want to lose the precious moment of your life. Photo and video documentation is the main element of a wedding moment memorialization for you to remember at the rest of your age. By bringing up the outdoor concept you will get a benefit of an interesting and cool view that will add beauty in your photos. Make sure that you select an expert photography or videography vendors and have lot of experiences in outdoor moments. Take a look at all of your wedding events and explore every spot to produce your best photos. In this case you and the photographer need to equate the perception of the desired photo or video. There’s no harm in you looking for references of outdoor wedding photos so every moment can be captured perfectly.
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