7 Tips for Happy Married Life : Gratitude is The Key

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7 tips for happy married life
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7 Tips for Happy Married Life – Decided to get married means ready to live the life which is much different than the single life. Many single people that crave to get married dreaming of the beautiful married life which is full of romantism. Instead of this, married life brings so many new challenges. What is expected, often just became a dream.

Entered to the married life means you are ready to be autonomous crossing through the life complexity. The life after marriage is not a life that you can still hang on parents’ nurture but a life between you and your partner facing the economic and social challenges. Simple examples, after marriage, you are need to build a good social life. When you are single, it is okay for you to have a nomadic life on a rental room or flat, but after marriage, owning a house becomes very important. If you were not born from a rich parents, it involves a lot of effort. Your dream of honeymoon in a beautiful and romantic island suddenly changed into house rental calculation.

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At the beginning, a happy married life pictured on your mind. You imagined the romantic nights with your mate at home, dinner or watching your favorit movie together. But in reality, what you face is the stuffy rent house and unvaried dinner menu day to day because you have to be economical. Instead romantic, on the contrary, it is driving you mad, complaining a whole day. And then, when you started to have kids, your mind will be full of anticipation about how to pay the costs: the birth, diapers, milks, clothes, etc.

The life after marriage can be very stressfull. If you and your mate are not strong enough to face that numbers of pressures, it is possible that your negative character will be sticking out: to be grumble and emotional person. It will be dangerous for your health and your relationship instead of be romantic as you imagined before.

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Facing the bitter facts in the married life need some strength. To create the happy married life, in the first day of your marriage, you must remember that you have to stop your delution and started to face the reality. And to be survive on that condition, also to make sure the happiness, gratitude is the key.

  1. First Tips for a Happy Married Life
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Just feel enough of what you have. If you currently live in a small house, just be grateful, as long as sufficient for both of you. If you can not alocate your income to buy a car yet, just be grateful with your motorcycle you own now. It still can take you go around the city, right? With always feel enough and be grateful, your life will be easier.

  1. Second Tips for a Happy Married Life
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Stop to look above. Stop to spot the high level life style as your life reference. You do not to be like them. The branded stuff or the jetset lifestyle is just a fatamorgana. Get rid of those images if they keep haunting you and make you restless.

  1. Third Tips for a Happy Married Life
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You need to look at the other side. There are still many people who are less fortunate. There are so many people who do not have what you own right now. When you can eat three times a day with nutritious food, there are people who are hard for just finding some food. When you can sleep tight at your small house, there are people who even do not have place to ensconce themselves.

  1. Forth Tips for a Happy Married Life
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Your marriage is too valuable to be passed with complains, so, just be happy with always be gratefull. When you started to unsatisfied with all you have and started to grumbling, you must remember that you are now facing two choices: fill your married life with complains or not? Complains will not make you happy and gratitude will. The gratitude will ease your step and pleasent your day.

  1. Fifth Tips for a Happy Married Life
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Grateful to appreciate your achievement, so that your work do not be burdened. You have work and got the results, whatever it is, accept it with full of gratitude because that is way to show appreciation of your work. If you always be anxious to ask more and more it will just sum up your load of works and impede you to enjoy the life.

  1. Sixth Tips for a Happy Married Life
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Being confident and just ignore those commentators. The life after marriage can not be taken away from them, the commentators. Whoever they are, are they neighbors, co-workers, or relatives. Frequently some of them give some negative comments of what you have done. Neglect them, live your life as full as you can because giving attention to those commentators will only wasting your time, energy, and mind.

  1. Seventh Tips for a Happy Married Life
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Giving charities as a gratitude and sharing to others. One of the implementation of gratitude is by allocate some of your money to others who are needed. Sharing to fellows. You will find the true happiness there.

Giving charities and God will increase His grace to you. That’s His promise. Just trust it

Happy practicing. Do not forget tobe gratefull and be happy!

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