10 Tips for a Happy Family

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Happy family reflected from a lasting family in life. The following tricks help you to have a happy family through open communication, commitment, acceptance, and affection. Eiger to know the secret of a happy family? Here are some tips to achieve it:

  1. Your existence is very important

Always be there, surrounding your beloved family. Parents’presence is far more valuable than gifts. The quality of togetherness is more important than spending long time together with them. Togetherness doesn’t mean your present at your children’s birthday party only. A quality of togetherness involving an emotional bond between parents with children in everyday life.

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  1. Always express your love

Try to not feel awkward saying ‘ I love you ‘, give a hug or a kiss, ‘ cause these two simple things can tighten the rope of love and careness among the family member.

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  1. Do positive communication effectively

Communication is an important trick for a happy family. Constant and effective communication are able to relieve the tension and reassuring family relationships.

  1. Similarities

There are always some  differences between children. There is a smarter boyor the one who have more skills than another. But in a happy family, everyone has to be treated the same. You can’t choose love.

  1. Togetherness
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To form a family bond to have a happy family, do some family activities. Like shopping together, doing social projects, watching film, dinner together, hiking and more. Any activities that are done together will give a beautiful memory in the mind of the family member.

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  1. Special time

If you have some children, sometimes you need to spend time to go with each child. The purpose is to make you closer to every child. Manage full time only for him or her  For example, in the same day your husband left with the eldest, you can go shopping with the youngest.

  1. Sorry is not enough

Eventhough you are their parents, do not hesitate to say ‘sorry’ to them when you are guilty. Plant the principle’actions mean more than words’ by changing attitude and not repeating the same mistake.

  1. Appreciate the good behavior

Do not only give a reprimand or punishment. Instead, you also have to give appreciation when the kids do something extraordinary. Appreciation aims to praise and thanks. You can do it in a simple way like accompany them to watch tv longer or allow them to eat another scoop of ice cream.

  1. Workout together

Workout together can tighten family relationships and give a healthy lifestyle. The whole family can play badminton together, cycling, playing ball, etc.

  1. Have fun, have fun!

To have a happy family, all parents should take members of the family to have fun. Play with them, enjoy the atmosphere and think of yourself as their friend – not their parents. Make a beautiful moment and attempt to make the moment as the most beautiful memories in their lives. Be Happy!



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