10 Tips for Economical and Impressive Wedding Reception

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Wedding reception is one of the biggest event in a person’s life. However, wedding reception is only a party, no need to spend excessive budget. It is better to be invested for the future.

Wedding reception is one of the biggest event in a person’s life. It marks the beginning of a new stage of life.Wedding reception is aimed to happen once in a lifetime. Hence, wedding reception should be prepared as well as possible in order to make it memorable.

In  other side, we need to have some strategies to create an economical wedding reception. Since, wedding reception usually involves so many people, hundreds or thousands guests will coming. Either from both bride and groom family or bestfirends. It requires high budget. However, wedding reception is only a party, no need to spend excessive budget. It is better to be invested for the future.

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To prepare your economic and impressive wedding reception, look at some tips below.

  1. Firstly, specify the budget.
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Before beginning wedding preparation, set the budget that you will spend. Discuss the budget with both bride and groom family. Openness is very necessary so that  it will not caused any problem in the next time. Reception must initiate the good communication between bride’s and groom’s family. When the budget is set up, allocate it into several items such as venue, catering, decoration, invitation, and so forth, so that you can get a clear budget  plan. Make it as flexible as you can.

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  1. Execute your reception once, it will economize the  budget 100%.

Some couples organize wedding reception two times. First, in the bride’s family, and the second in the groom’s family. Those targeted different  guests from both family’s relatives. To save significant budget, carry out the wedding reception once and invite all relatives from both sides.

  1. If it is possible, arrange your wedding reception at home.
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Venue is an important factor on the wedding reception. There are two choices, at home or rent a venue. If it is possible to arrange your wedding reception at home, why not? Wedding reception at home will economize the high rent and decoration costs. Check it one more time, is your house possible to be an wedding reception venue? Has it a spacious area and sufficient parking lot? If yes, why not?

  1. If you have to rent a venue for your wedding, look for a vendor that provides reception package in order to save the budget.

Not all house can be use as a wedding reception place. If this happened, rent a venue is your only choice. The wise way to do is use wedding package. It usually consist of a venue, decoration, documentation, cathering, and many others.

  1. Organize in one day.

Shorten your wedding reception’s ceremony so that it fits in one day. Reception’s ceremony that held in several days will times the budget. Think effective and efficient when arrange your wedding sequence.

  1. Alocate extra time and energy to do textile surveys to get high quality and cheap fabric.

Fabrics is main need in the wedding reception. Either used for the bridesmaid’s dresscode or for the bride and groom themselves. The strategy to get this lot of textile is do surveys to get the comparison of textiles’s cost from different places. You can also ask when the textile get down prices. It usually happen March until June.

  1. Invite only the closest family and friends.
10 Tips for Economical and Impressive Wedding Reception Wedding Invitation
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List your guests as soon as possible. Choose people that you know well to invite at your wedding day. You do not have to invite people as many as you can. With the closest people your wedding reception will be more intimate and impressive.

  1. Design your invitation letter in a simple and sweet way.

The invitation letter is aim to inform the time and place. Create your wedding invitation appropriate with its function and design it in a sweet way. Make it simple. Because when your wedding is over your invitations perhaps end up in a garbage can. Be economical!

  1. Create your wedding souvenirs in a creative and economical way.
10 Tips for Economical and Impressive Wedding Reception Wedding Souvenir
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You can express your creativity through your wedding souvenirs. There are so many DIY souvenirs you can get from the internet. Wedding souvenirs are not have to be expensive, it is better to be impressive. The more creative and unic are your souvenirs it will be memorable for the guests. Just try it!

  1. Invite family members or friends to perform at your wedding reception, so it will cut the costsof the performers.

Try to consider the talents of your family or your closest friends. Who knows, they can be performers you need at your wedding reception. May be there are some family members can play music instruments or sing beautifully. Ask them to perform on your big day for free. There are two benefits, it can trim your budget and the atmosphere will be more intimate. (Living In Life)

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